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1. Endlings Lyrics

Endlings Lyrics

Crops doesn't give us much Fish doesn't breed that fast It's off the balance The population Reconsider for what we've done Inheriting the world to come What future does the silent tree has? What futu

2. Tie Your Shoes Lyrics

Tie Your Shoes Lyrics

You've lost your innocence and all, and now you sit at home and bang your head against the wall. You are a big boy now, and she's everyone's toy, everyone's toy. We've turned our backs to the sun, an

3. Numb Lyrics

Numb Lyrics

Take the long way home just to think on your own. Please say it ain't so. Does it show? I don't know. Don't let no one tell you who you are. Try your best, and some day you'll go far. I can't be bou

4. Solitude Lyrics

Solitude Lyrics

We make sounds with our mouths, but we don't know what they mean. We're home all day, but we're never to be seen. We stumble and we tumble, and we walk till we fall. We learn to see we learned nothin

5. Cosmic Cat Lyrics

Cosmic Cat Lyrics

So many people look through my window. Little do they know I've nothin' to show, and all I wanna do is go. Everythin' around me is movin' so slow. My intentions are pure, and I wanna give you everyth

6. Somethin' Old Lyrics

Somethin' Old Lyrics

Try your best every day just to hide it. It's no use even though you try deny it. Is there somethin' you want? You look at me as if I wasn't livin'. What you want me give, whatever it is I can't give

7. Strange Chemistry Lyrics

Strange Chemistry Lyrics

Verse 1 Talking over tape delay You're following me anyway Through a like or a conversation Living through a telephone Shame I always feel alone In a fog of all the information Pre-chorus An

8. Spark Lyrics

Spark Lyrics

Verse 1 There’s a place you know There’s a side you never show Dream, a moment, a plea Like a whisper at the bottom of the sea Verse 2 Fear will rise above And push the noise away from lo

9. The Flying Machine Lyrics

The Flying Machine Lyrics

VERSE 1 They get left on the ground Waiting while they’re listening Never hearing a sound Don’t know what they’re missing No one knows her at all Burdens make it brighter When I take hold

11. The Echo & The Shadow Lyrics

The Echo & The Shadow Lyrics

VERSE 1 Love, please bring your heartbeat Bring your silent song to life Bury every worry Every burden on your mind PRE-CHORUS May your heart keep close May your heart hold high CHORUS

12. Sightings Lyrics

Sightings Lyrics

Verse 1 There's that sound A moan or a sigh Sure, I know A hope from a lie Verse 2 So you've been Away for a spell There's that ghost A story to tell Chorus Oh, a flicker in the rain O

13. Benjamin Lyrics

Benjamin Lyrics

Verse 1 I noticed a quiet, open air Go lightly over the ground And I'm listening A static hum is all But it keeps me hearing the sound of a call Chorus Oh, heavy hearts are beating Oh, beati

14. Kill the Darlings Lyrics

Kill the Darlings Lyrics

Verse 1 Kill the darlings Nothing grows Under sheets and stone Leave your mourning Leave them be Find a fading glow Chorus Oh the ache in my bones takes my breath away Oh the hurt that I kn

15. Wide Open Sky Lyrics

Wide Open Sky Lyrics

Verse 1 Is there an emotion Is there any way Cause I've got a feeling it gets harder every day And all of the worry aching within You're falling to pieces and the walls are closing in Chorus

16. Worldshaker Lyrics

Worldshaker Lyrics

Verse 1 It seems these days Blue is covered up in a cloud and a blanket of grays I know it's fine But I feel a lot better with you and a bottle of wine Pre-chorus Every color's fading Every o