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1. More Than Friends Lyrics

More Than Friends Lyrics

Its 4am again Sitting here talking on the phone again And I missed your voice since yesterday Its felt so far away Sometimes I feel alone Ive been craving somebody to call my own Ever since I met you

2. Out of My Mind Lyrics

Out of My Mind Lyrics

Am I on your mind? Like you've been on mine, Sick of rainy days, tying to turn the page, Cause it's all the same It's just the same cause you're on my mind Am I think of you? I hope you're thinking t

3. Kids Lyrics

Kids Lyrics

I miss the sun raise, Sipping on coke days When we were young just for a while I miss the nightlight sat by my bedside, and the stories faces that Well here I go here, here I go here, here I go agai

4. If You Were Mine Lyrics

If You Were Mine Lyrics

Your eyes, Were the lightest shade of blue i'd ever seen Didn't feel real, Like you were just a dream Your laugh You seem to hate but I'm in love with You'll just take it as a compliment Oh you're so

5. You + I Lyrics

You + I Lyrics

Said I should say how I feel or it will mess with my head But all that it messed with was hope that we had Tried to break all my walls down but you broke me instead, And you know you did And i used to

6. Don't Say Goodbye Lyrics

Don't Say Goodbye Lyrics

Said I loved you for the first time Told you it's lies But I think it's true I'm so sorry I apologise For all the things I couldn't do I only want you to be happy And if that's without me Swear I'll g

7. The Rush Lyrics

The Rush Lyrics

You said you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else and that's hard, when all I've loved is you. I got jelous cause I was afraid that anyone else could see the same things I saw in you.

8. Clara Blues Lyrics

Clara Blues Lyrics

I found myself dreaming In silver and gold Like a scene from a movie That every broken heart knows we were walking on moonlight And you pulled me close Split second and you disappeared and then I was

9. Is There Anybody Out There? (feat. Clara C) Lyrics

Is There Anybody Out There? (feat. Clara C) Lyrics

Hmm... A-a- (hmm...) anybody out there Hmm... Hmm... A-a-anybody out there (Dan) Is there anybody, God are you listening Cuz something in my life, has damn sure been missing Was never searching for,

11. Toca's Miracle ft Sheena McHugh - Original Mix Lyrics

Toca's Miracle ft Sheena McHugh - Original Mix Lyrics

If you're gonna save the day And you're hearin' what I say I feel your touch Your kiss, it's not enough And if you believe in me Don't think my love's not for real I won't take nothin' less then a dee

12. Glimpse (feat. Clara Ceschin) - Original Mix Lyrics

Glimpse (feat. Clara Ceschin) - Original Mix Lyrics

There's no way that I can say When you walk my way You drive me crazy You take my breath away Strongs feelings comes off me When I see your face I can't control it Is something that I can't explain Yo

13. 1999 Santa Clara Vanguard Lyrics

1999 Santa Clara Vanguard Lyrics

The thought of you is clouding up my head. I don't know when this will ever end When will you realize, how much pain you've cause inside? Are you really dense as they say you are? When you are drivin

14. You (feat. Evan McHugh) Lyrics

You (feat. Evan McHugh) Lyrics

Remember the sweater you gave me? The one that you struggled to save The moths ran away With the patches you made Still it reminds me of you You, you, you And I miss you, dear And I need you here wit

15. Clarity (feat. Clara C) Lyrics

Clarity (feat. Clara C) Lyrics

High dive into frozen waves where the past comes back to life Fight fear for the selfish pain it was worth it every time Hold still right before we crash, ‘cause we both know how this ends A clock t

16. Fallin' (Feat. Clara Benin) Lyrics

Fallin' (Feat. Clara Benin) Lyrics

Feels right but I am barely closer As I wait in time I dream of us together And I wonder where you are? You're a million miles away 'Cause I need you now You're the love that I have hoped for And I n

17. No Greater Love (feat. Clara Benin) Lyrics

No Greater Love (feat. Clara Benin) Lyrics

It's always been a war, fighting for your heart See my scars, been fighting from the start It's so hard, but I know it's worth it I go hard, even though I'm hurting Cos truth is, after pain comes plea

18. "Oh Lord, How Long" Lyrics

Clara Ward Singers Miscellaneous "Oh Lord, How Long" (sing slow) How long, oh Lord, how long? How long shall I suffer pain and woe How long shall I be driven from door to door Hmmmmmmmm (sp

19. "You're Gonna Miss Your Chance" Lyrics

Clara Ward Singers THE VERY GREATEST "You're Gonna Miss Your Chance" Keep on standing there finding faults Keep on looking at everybody else carrying a bad thought You're gonna miss your chance to s

20. Agua Clara Lyrics

Agua Clara Lyrics

Bose Miguel Laberinto Agua Clara Agua Clara pa beber de mi mano te daré Agua Clara pa beber Fuente Pura que ha escapao con Arroyo del Edén van tocaos en el costao... Agua Pura al río va